The Brand


Bunkaari India continues the Legacy of Fashion Weaved in Tradition; we showcase the Indian Handloom and Handicraft from diverse geographical spread to the world. At Bunkaari, we envision to be a catalyst in Personal and Professional development of weavers across India.

  1. Honesty: We are honest to our commitment to create conducive environment for employees, suppliers & associates, delivering the same “honesty” to our customers in the products we sell.
  2. Trust: We create & empower environment of trust.
  3. Knowledge: We are committed to build a community on basis of knowledge acquired through experience and skilled professionals.
  4. Sharing: We share our dreams, vision and work with entire team, holding hand of each other helping out all when needed.
  5. Clarity: We will build thought leadership and organizational clarity through Open communication.
  6. Transparency: We will be transparent with our intent, policies and practices at all times.
  1. To create knowledge based community supported by technology and modern marketing tools to achieve our vision.
  2. To create Fashion Quotient in Hand loom and Handcrafted products.
  3. To create Value for weavers, employees and stake holders.
  4. To present our Customers opportunity to own a piece of Indian heritage.
  1. Bunkaari India pledges to operate with conscience and be fair and ethical in association.
  2. Bunkaari India pledges to deal only in products that have been made by hand.
  3. Bunkaari India pledges to contribute part of its income towards improving the quality of life of weavers and for rejuvenating, developing and promoting traditional Indian craftsmanship.
  4. Bunkaari India pledges not to support systems of oppression in any manner.
  5. Bunkaari India pledges to live the ageless prayer 'सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः' (May all be happy).
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